The HyperFine spectrometer products are new but we thought we should start to track the new science that is enabled by their high resolution and ease of use.  Here are the published papers that we have noticed so far.  

Passively Q-switched 914 nm microchip laser for lidar systems. Optics Express 29.15 (2021): 23799-23809. Nägele, Marco, Klaus Stoppel, and Thomas Dekorsy.

THESEUS1 modulates cell wall stiffness and abscisic acid production in Arabidopsis thaliana. bioRxiv (2021). Bacete, Laura, et al

Elastic modulus measurement based on virtual image phase array confocal Brillouin spectroscopy technology. Infrared and Laser Engineering, 2021, 50(4): 20200265. doi: 10.3788/IRLA20200265   Xu Meng et al. 

Ultra-high resolution spectroscopy from ground and space for exoplanet atmosphere characterization, in Proceedings of the Innovation Aviation & Aerospace Industry - International Conference 2021, MDPI: Basel, Switzerland, doi:10.3390/IAAI-2021-10600.    Rukdee, S. 

A VIPA Spectrograph with Ultra-high Resolution and Wavelength Calibration for Astronomical ApplicationsThe Astronomical Journal, August 2020, Xiaoming Zhu, Dong Lin,  Zhibo Hao, Liang Wang and Jinping He

On the rotational-translational equilibrium in non-thermal argon plasmas at atmospheric pressure. Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2021). Accepted Manuscript.  Labelle, Francis, Antoine Durocher-Jean, and Luc Stafford.

Free-space confocal magneto-optical spectroscopies at milliKelvin temperatures, Lawrie, B. J., et al.

Fraunhofer Line Discrimination (FLD), Smith, Mark W., U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Interferometer systems and methods thereof, Munro, James F. U.S. Patent Application No. 16/699,571.

Ultra-high-resolution optical absorption spectroscopy of DC plasmas at low pressure using a supercontinuum laser combined with a laser line tunable filter and a HyperFine spectrometer
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,  Antoine Durocher-Jean, Hubert Jean-Ruel, Laura-Isabelle Dion-Bertrand, Sébastien Blais-Ouellette and Luc Stafford (2020)

Evaluation of commercial Virtually Imaged Phase Array and Fabry-Pérot based Brillouin spectrometers for applications to biology.
Biomedical optics express, Optical Society - SOA Publishing,  Guqi Yan, Antony Bazir, Jérémie Margueritat, Thomas Dehoux.

Development and validation of hybrid Brillouin-Raman spectroscopy for non-contact assessment of mechano-chemical properties of urine proteins as biomarkers of kidney diseases, BMC Nephrology
Abduzhappar Gaipov, Zhandos Utegulov, Rostislav Bukasov, Duman Turebekov, Pavel Tarlykov, Zhannur Markhametova, Zhangatay Nurekeyev, Zhanar Kunushpayeva & Alisher Sultangaziyev 

Superconductivity of Strontium Titanate in Reduced Dimensions
Pai, Yun-Yi (2020) Superconductivity of Strontium Titanate in Reduced Dimensions. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Single-frequency 620  nm diamond laser at high power, stabilized via harmonic self-suppression and spatial-hole-burning-free gain
Xuezong Yang, Ondrej Kitzler, David J. Spence, Robert J. Williams, Zhenxu Bai, Soumya Sarang, Lei Zhang, Yan Feng, and Richard P. Mildren

Evaluation of a VIPA-based Brillouin spectrometer with applications to multicellular tumor spheroids.
Yan, Guqi, et al., 3rd BioBrillouin Meeting, Portugal (2019). (Lyon)

Diamond Sodium Guide Star Laser, Optics Letters
Xuezong Yang, Ondrej Kitzler, David J. Spence,  Zhenxu Bai, Yan Feng, and Richard P. Mildren

Ultra-high-resolution optical absorption spectroscopy using a supercontinuum laser combined with a widely tunable filter and a hyperfine spectrometer.   Durocher-Jean et al., submitted for CAP Congress, Canada (2020)

Non-equilibrium nature of argon-based radiofrequency and microwave plasmas at atmospheric pressure evidenced by hyperfine optical emission spectroscopy.   Labelle et al., submitted for CAP Congress, Canada (2020).

White Papers

Resolving the magnetic hyperfine structure of Hg Isotopes using a VIPA grating spectrometer
Hubert Jean-Ruel, John Reid, and Greg Dodd

Introduction to the operating principles of the HyperFine spectrometer
John Reid, Hubert Jean-Ruel and Greg Dodd

Brillouin Spectroscopy of a Plastic Film
Sophie Chagnon-Lessard

Brillouin Spectroscopy of Nb2O5 Thin Films
Sophie Chagnon-Lessard

Brillouin Spectroscopy in a Diamond Anvil Cell
Sophie Chagnon-Lessard & David Walker

Brillouin Spectroscopy of a Silicon Wafer 
Sophie Chagnon-Lessard

Exploration of the Sun’s spectrum with LightMachinery spectrometers
John Reid

Sophie Chagnon-Lessard