IPEX-700 The New Market Leader in Excimer Lasers

LightMachinery excimer lasers are used by leading R&D scientists all over the world.  The IPEX-700 is designed for medium duty cycle operation in industrial and  R&D environments, IPEX-700 Series lasers deliver high power ultraviolet laser machining combined with state-of-the-art performance. Incorporating LightMachinery’s proprietary exciPure™  technology, IPEX lasers offer MASSIVE gas lifetimes, superior optical stability and precise control of laser operating parameters.  

10X Better, Powerful, Reliable, Compact, Simple to Operate

The largest single cost of operating an excimer laser is laser gas consumption (also known as dynamic gas lifetime*).  With exciPure™  technology, patent pending, LightMachinery has achieved a 10X improvement in gas usage over competing lasers .   This technological  breakthrough leads to dramatically less cost to run your laser.  

EasyClean automated valves fitted to the optics ports allow the laser chamber to be sealed and the gas fill / passivation to be retained while resonator optics are removed for cleaning and maintenance. Easy to use, simple to service and economical to operate, IPEX-700 lasers combine the benefits of high precision excimer processing with the lowest total cost of ownership and highest uptime in the market today.  

IPEX-700 is ideal for applications such as pulsed laser deposition, PLD.  The IPEX-700 can be operated from any computer using Windows 7, 8, or 10.  A Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet PC is included for your convenience.


  • exciPure™  technology for increddible 10X gas lifetimes and the lowest cost of operation
  • No expensive cryogenic gas purifier is required
  • EasyClean automated optics seals to retain gas fill and reduce downtime during
    optics maintenance 
  • Optional High-Brightness optics for applications requiring low beam divergence or extended coherence length
  • High-stability optics mounts for ultimate beam pointing accuracy 
  • Simple integration into industrial processing systems
  • Microsoft® Surface Pro 4 remote control for the ultimate in simple operation, can be operated as a tablet or with the keyboard


  • Massive dynamic gas lifetime, low operating cost
  • Simplifies optical maintenance, retains gas fill and passivation
  • Delivers 200 microradian pointing stability
  • No realignment required after cleaning or replacing optics
  • Fast, precise energy stabilization in internal, burst and external trigger modes
  • Excellent energy stability, better than 1.0% (KrF)
  • Removes particulates and maintains optics cleanliness

* Dynamic gas lifetime is the gas usage while you are running the laser.  Static gas lifetime is the gas usage when you are not running the laser.  


Download the IPEX 700 Series Datasheet


The New Standard in Excimer Lasers for R&D

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