HF-8999-532-AUTO with Computer Controlled Alignment , Green Killer Pump Suppression, Massive Dynamic Range and Picometer Resolution

Brillouin Spectrometer 532.PNG

The great challenge with Brillouin spectroscopy is that the scattered signal from the un-shifted wavelength of the laser can overwhelm the small Brillouin shifted return signal.   So, we have combined our leading edge HyperFine spectrometer with a very narrow band tunable filter to suppress the bright un-shifted laser frequency.   The tunable filter is easily adjusted to suppress the main laser peak and exposure gating is used by the HyperFine Spectrometer to drastically increase the full dynamic range of the instrument.  The combination of these two devices achieves a dynamic ratio of 65dB with our standard CMOS camera and is designated – the Green Killer.  The tunable filter is comprised of a double passed air spaced etalon.  The etalon tuning and alignment are both computer controlled. 

LightMachinery’s proprietary fluid jet polishing process is utilized to create both the tunable etalon filter and the main VIPA etalon in the spectrometer.  The result of the combination of the high finesse elements is unparalleled sensitivity and relatively compact size, perfect for Brillouin scattering.

  • Part Number HF-8999-532-AUTO
    Wavelength range 530.5nm to 533.5nm
    Spectral resolution 1pm
    Pump wavelength filter suppression >30dB
    Pump suppression filter tunability +/- 1nm
    Pump suppression filter width 0.5pm
    Dynamic range (at 6GHz from pump) >75 dB
    Filter input SMF only
    USB 3.1 >1A required
    Dimensions 71 x 37 x 15 cm
    Weight 25kg
    • Computer controlled alignment and adjustment
    • High throughput enabling fast acquisition
    • High contrast and high pump suppression
    • High resolution and high precision
    • Easy to Use
    • Large spectral range covered in a single shot
    • Simple integration - compact size
    • An affordable device that is ready to use out of the box
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