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Customer Comparison; Ocean Optics HR4000 versus HN-9332  Hornet Spectrometer

BONFADINI, SILVIO. "Microfluidic light sources integrated in lab on a chip platforms." PhD thesis, 2019, Politecnico di Milano, Italy ."The spectrometer (HR4000, Ocean Optics) used for the characterization has a resolution of 0.5 nm, that is much higher than the distance between two consecutive modes. This means that the spectra reported so far, are strongly influenced by the performance of the measuring instrument (indeed the spectrum is always the result of the convolution between the signal and the spectrometer transfer function). Therefore, we cannot be sure that our cavity amplifies a single mode or a small range of modes. To investigate this phenomenon, we have upgraded the setup in fig. 3.9 with a new high resolution spectrometer (Hornet, LightMachinery) which, based on an interesting patented technology, has the resolution of 20 pm."

Ocean versus LightMachinery Spectrometer.png

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HyperFine HF Series Spectrometers

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HyperFine HN Series Spectrometers

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Brillouin HyperFine Spectrometer

The Ultimate Brillouin Spectroscopy Tool 


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Ultra OSA

Picometer resolution across the entire band in milliseconds

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