Setting the new standard for range and resolution

LightMachinery's spectrometers are setting the new standard for range, resolution, cost and size.  The HyperFine spectrometer is designed for LIBS or simultaneous Brillouin and Raman spectroscopy.  With 1pm resolution in a small package size it offers an affordable approach to advanced spectroscopic applications.  The Hornet Spectrometer is a smaller version with about 25pm resolution anywhere in the UV, visible and NIR wavelength ranges.  The Hornet is ideal for characterizing light sources such as laser spectra in real time.

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HyperFine Spectrometer
HyperFine Structure of the Mercury Line.jpg

Hornet Spectrometer

Hornet Spectrometer inside render.png

Wide range,  low resolution,  low cost, compact size, contact us if you have any questions!