Optics Catalog

Most of the optical components we manufacture are custom made to our customers specifications but we also have an ever growing list of standard high precision items that we have listed here in our small catalog.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something that is not listed here.  


inverse-cm-etalons.jpg piezoetalon.jpg Infrared Germanium Etalons.jpg micro-etalon-tweezers.jpg

Thin Wafers

VIPAs - Virtually Imaged Phase Arrays
VIPA-new-design-2.jpg (1) VIPA OP-6721-3371-9.jpg

Custom Optics 
DASH-art-250.jpg michelson-assembly2.jpg znsege_laser_optics.jpg Magnetron-sputtering-system.jpg VIPA-new-design-1.jpg

90% of our production is custom optics, don't hesitate to review our pages of custom optics and contact us with your requirements

Fluid Jet Polishing 

Fluid Jet Silicon Axicon-lens-array-powell-lens.jpg after-fjp-3.jpg axicon.jpg blue-shanghai.jpg

Fluid jet polishing is a computer controlled polishing process that enables LightMachinery to produce the world's most remarkable optics, feel free to read more about it...

Free Optical Design Software in the Cloud 

Etalon-calculator.jpg Thin-Film-Software.jpgEtalon-material-chart.jpg Gaussian-beam-delivery-design.jpg

Come On!  What could be better than free optical design software that you can use from anywhere at anytime for free!  Our favorite is the Thin Film Designer...unbelievable, or is it the Gaussian beam delivery designer - Laser Beams and Lenses...