We work closely with our customers to really understand and define the parameters that are important to the functionality of the optical component

The experience of the people at LightMachinery with tight tolerance optics is unique in breadth and scope. If you are looking for high quality optics then look no further.  Our team of professionals is always ready to push the envelope of optical quality or make a quick piece for an R&D prototype. No job is too big or too small. Start by filling out our contact form and telling us about your project and your requirements, we can help refine the specification and provide feedback on price and delivery.


A tiny sample of the custom optics we have made

Check out our Catalog and our Calculators!
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Optics Catalog

Most of the optics we make are custom made but we still have an interesting catalog.  Check it out! 


Optical Design Center

Design etalons, lenses, resonators, VIPA's and explore optical material properties.