Fully Configurable Ultra Short Pulse CO2 lasers. Lots of options; tunable, SLM, oscillator amplifier

The fully configurable IMPACT 4000 series lasers are designed for more scientific and specialized applications. The short pulse of the thyratron switched IMPACT 4000 is ideal for ultrasound applications as well as applications in infrared chemistry. The IMPACT 4000 can be configured with a tunable option and set up in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier, MOPA, configuration with additional amplifiers to achieve the right power at the right wavelength for your application.

  • Based on LightMachinery’s industrially-proven IMPACT-2000 Series
  • Thyratron-switched for low jitter, ultra-short pulse (~100 ns) operation
  • Multi-module oscillators and oscillator-amplifier systems available.
  • Repetition Rates to 150 pps
  • Line-tunable operation as a standard option
  • Single-mode operation as a standard option

Impact-4000 Series lasers can be supplied in a range of standard multi-module oscillators and master-oscillator / power-amplifier (MOPA) configurations. The beam parameters (divergence, linewidth, mode structure, range of wavelength tuning, etc.) are mainly defined by the Master Oscillator, and the final energy is mainly defined by the number of Power Amplifier modules.

  • Specifications

    Model 4012 4015 4150
    Repetition Rate (Hz) 12 15 150
    Pulse Energy (J) 5.0 4.0 0.4
    Average Power (W) 60 60 60
    Pulse Energy (J) 3.5 2.5 0.25
    Gain Spike Duration (ns) 100 100 100
    Peak Power (MW) 12 10 1.0
    Beam Size (mm) 25 x 25 25 x 25 14 x 11


  • Features

    • Short Pulse Tunable TEA CO2 lasers
    • Fully configuarble as master oscillator and multiple power amplifier (MOPA) stages
    • Based on LightMachinery's legendary IMPACT 2000 series lasers
    • Repition rates to 150pps
    • Pulse Energies from 400mJ to 5J
    • Line tunable or operation at 10.6 or 9.3um
    • Sinlge mode (TEM00 / SLM)
    • A variety of pulse energy and rep rate models


    • Ultrashort pulse TEA CO2 lasers for advanced applications in science and industry
    • Simple to operate
    • Low cost of ownership
    • LightMachinery's legendary customer support
  • Applications

    • Plasma Diagnostics
    • Laser Photochemistry
    • Optical Damage Studies
    • Non-Destructive Testing / Laser Ultrasound
    • Laser Propulsion and Particle Acceleration
    • Material Ablation & Surface Removal
  • Options

    Line Tuning                               Allows the laser to be tuned to many of the CO2 lines between 9.2 and 10.8um
    Single Transverse Mode                                A variable intra-cavity aperture allows the selection of transverse modes including TEM00 
    Single Longitudinal Mode                               An intra-cavity low pressure cell, with TEM00 aperture ensures SLM operation
    Multi-Module Configurations                                For specialized applications the IMPACT 4000 modules can be combined in multi-mode oscillators or in oscillator amplifier (MOPA) configurations


Download the IMPACT 4000 datasheets


Options and configurations to meet your requirements

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