The Ultimate OSA for Telecom Device Production - Like a regular OSA but 100x FASTER!

The Optical Spectrum Analyzer has been a work horse for the telecommunications industry for decades.  We thought it was time to revolutionize the performance of the OSA and  re-think the design of the instrument for high speed production environments.  The Ultra-OSA solves the biggest drawback of the technology (speed) while retaining the resolution and sensitivity.  


  • Specifications

    • High sensitivity InGaAs camera
    • Acquisition and processing time: <  25 msecs for the complete spectrum 
    • Continuous Spectra at 60Hz
    • Resolution: sub 50pm at 1550nm (resolving power > 30,000 to >300,000)
    • Simultaneous range / resolution: >2000 at 1550nm
    • Accuracy:  based on an external calibration source is required
    • Dynamic Range: 100:1 to 500:1 in a single shot measurement, up to 50dB with exposure bracketing 
    • Wavelength range:  NIR (1260nm to 1675nm)
    Part Number Spectral Region Wavelength Range Resolution
    UO-10785-HRO O Band 1260nm - 1360nm 40pm
    UO-10785-URO O Band 10nm within 1260nm - 1360nm 4pm
    UO-10785-HRE E Band 1360nm - 1460nm 40pm
    UO-10785-URE E Band 10nm within 1360nm - 1460nm 4pm
    UO-10785-HRS S Band 1460nm - 1530nm 40pm
    UO-10785-URS S Band 10nm within 1460nm - 1530nm 4pm
    UO-10788-LRCL C AND L Band 1530nm - 1650nm 50pm
    UO-10785-HRC C Band 1530nm - 1565nm 15pm
    UO-10785-URC C Band 10nm within 1530nm - 1565nm 4pm
    UO-10785-HRLC C OR L Band  1530nm -1565nm OR 1565nm - 1625nm 40pm
    UO-10785-URL L Band 10nm within 1565nm - 1625nm 4pm
    UO-10785-HRU U Band 1625nm - 1675nm 25pm
    UO-10785-URU U Band 10nm within 1626nm - 1675nm 4pm


    • Form Factor F,  dimensions; 400 x 500 x 150mm,  weight; 24kg
    • Other wavelength ranges and resolutions available by request
    • Prices listed are FCA LightMachinery.  Please contact your local distributor for prices in your region
  • Features

    • No moving parts (single shot laser spectrum analysis)
    • Simple to use
    • Sub 30pm picometer resolution
    • Fiber optic input
    • FAST >40Hz  data acquisition and export
    • Simple USB interface
    • LabView Drivers


    • Can measure spectra from cw and pulsed sources
    • Fast real time measurements
    • Ultra-reliable
    • LightMachinery's legendary customer support
  • HF-8990-1-A-HFSpectrometer 65nm range 1265-1330nm 25pm resolution_Shell.jpg

  • Our new SpectraLoK software is designed to be a reliable, feature packed interface for setting up your LightMachinery spectrometer, viewing spectra and organizing your data.  You can download and try it (it is a .exe file so your anti-virus software might require some reassurance)

    Click here to download the SpectraLoK Software , this includes  a short cut to the experimental virtual camera to allow the partial use of the software without a spectrometer.