Fluid jet polishing is turning the world of optical fabrication upside down. LightMachinery can routinely create near perfect optical components using this cost effective, computer controlled technique.

Fluid Jet Polishing Technology 

LightMachinery's patented fluid jet polishing system uses a fine stream of slurry to accurately remove nanometers of material from an optical surface.  LightMachinery has spent many years refining this computer controlled polishing technology.  While 90%  of our optical fabrication is done using conventional techniques, most of our high accuracy wafers, etalons and interferometers are finished using the 'FJP'.

Fluid jet polishing enables LightMachinery to tackle some very complex and difficult optical fabrication tasks with confidence and is opening up a new era of optical device manufacturing.

  • The adjustment of the shape and flatness of optical components such as etalon mirrors to within a few nanometers
  • Very thin components, such as wafers and thin etalons, that are impossible to accurately polish using conventional technology
  • The ability to measure the final performance of complex assemblies such as Michelson Interferometers and then to make arbitrary surface corrections to correct the overall performance
  • Arbitrary optical surfaces such as phase plates, corrector plates, axicons and cylindrical axicons 



More information on the FJP process and some examples too

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