Our optics end up in a lot of experiments, generally we are not mentioned in the resulting scientific literature, but sometimes we are.  Here is a sample of the articles we have found.  In some cases, the authors made use of our optics, in others, they made use of our amazing online design tools.

Narrow-Linewidth Pr:YLF Laser for High-Resolution Raman Trace Gas Spectroscopy - Charuka Muktha Arachchige & Andreas Muller

Measurements of metastable helium in Earth’s atmosphere by resonance lidar - Bernd Kaifler, Christopher Geach, Hans Christian Büdenbender, Andreas Mezger & Markus Rapp

Mid-IR antiresonant hollow-core fiber based chirped laser dispersion spectroscopy of ethane with parts per trillion sensitivity - Piotr Jaworski, Karol Krzempek, Piotr Bojęś, Dakun Wu, Fei Yu

V-cavity stabilized quantum cascade laser-based cavity ringdown spectroscopy for rapid detection of radiocarbon below natural abundance - Ryohei Terabayashi,  Keisuke Saito,  Volker Sonnenschein, Yuki Okuyama, Kazuki Iwamoto, Kazune Mano, Yuta Kawashima, Tetsuo Furumiya, Koji Tojo, Shinichi Ninomiya, Kenji Yoshida, and Hideki Tomita.

Timing jitter characterization of free-running dual-comb laser with sub-attosecond resolution using optical heterodyne detection - S. L. Camenzind, D. Koenen, B. Willenberg, J. Pupeikis, C. R. Phillips, and U. Keller

Precise Larmor Time Measurements of a Tunneling Bose-Einstein Condensate - David Spierings van der Wolk

Resolved rotation–vibration non-equilibrium with rotational VIPA-CARS - S. A. Steinmetz, T. Y. Chen, B. M. Goldberg, C. M. Limbach, and C. J. Kliewer 

Brillouin and Raman imaging of domain walls in periodically-poled 5%-MgO:LiNbO3 -  Jan Rix, Michael Rüsing, Roberta Galli, Jonas Golde, Sven Reitzig, Lukas M. Eng, and Edmund Koch

A rapid, spatially dispersive frequency comb spectrograph aimed at gas phase chemical reaction kinetics   -   Frances C. Roberts, H. J. Lewandowski, Billy F. Hobson & Julia H. Lehman

Design and Laboratory Tests of the Michelson Interferometer for Global High-resolution Thermospheric Imaging (MIGHTI) on the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) Satellite   -   John M. Harlander, Christoph R. Englert, Charles M. Brown, Kenneth D. Marr, and Ian J. Miller

The As-Built Performance of the MIGHTI Interferometers   -   John M. Harlander, Christoph R. Englert, Charles M. Brown, Kenneth D. Marr, Ian J. Miller, Vaz Zastera, Bernhard W. Bach, and Stephen B. Mende

Single- and dual-wavelength monolithic spatial heterodyne spectrometers for Fraunhofer line discrimination spectroscopy   -   S. Watchorn; J. Noto; J. Anderson; C. E. Sioris

Optical and engineering development of the spatial heterodyne interferometer for emergent line discrimination spectroscopy (SHIELDS)   -   S. Watchorn; J. Noto; J. Anderson; C. E. Sioris

Polarization-sensitive femtosecond mid-infrared spectrometer with a tunable Fabry–Perot filter and chirped-pulse upconversion   -   Ryosuke Nakamura, Yoshizumi Inagaki, and Tomosumi Kamimura

HyTI: Thermal Hyperspectral Imaging from A Cubesat Platform   -   Robert Wright, Miguel Nunes, Paul Lucey, Luke Flynn, Thomas George, Sarath Gunapala, David Ting, Sir Rafol, Alexander Soibel, Chiara Ferrari-Wong, Abigail Flom, John Mecikalski, Prasad Thenkabail

An economic Fabry-Perot wavelength reference   -   Gábor Fűrész; Alex Glenday; Christian Latham

Integration of Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy with the Stratospheric Wind Interferometer For Transport studies (SWIFT)   -   G.G. Shepherd, B.H. Solheim, S. Brown, W.A. Gault, I.J. Miller

Development of a Virtually Imaged Phase Array (VIPA) Spectrometer for Diagnostic Applications   -   Christopher Limbach

In Vivo Measurement of Age-Related Stiffening in the Crystalline Lens by Brillouin Optical Microscopy   -   Giuliano Scarcelli,  Pilhan Kim, Seok HyunYun

Breaking the Contrast Limit in Single-Pass Fabry-Pérot Spectrometers   -   G. Antonacci, S. De Panfilis, G. Di Domenico, E. DelRe, and G. Ruocco

Integration of spectral coronagraphy within VIPA-based spectrometers for high extinction Brillouin imaging   -   Eitan Edrei, Malte C. Gather, Giuliano Scarcelli

System analysis of a tilted field-widened Michelson interferometer for high spectral resolution lidar   -   Dong Liu, Chris Hostetler, Ian Miller, Anthony Cook, and Johnathan Hair

Solid, 3-mirror Fabry–Perot etalon   -   Mark Stephen, Molly Fahey, and Ian Miller

Testing of the "Tor Vergata" Fabry-Pérot interferometer prototype   -   Luca Giovannelli; Francesco Berrilli; Martina Cocciolo; Dario Del Moro; Alberto Egidi; Roberto Piazzesi; Marco Stangalini