Solid Germanium Etalons

Germanium etalons  have a high index (~4.0 depending on wavelength) that creates a reasonably high finesse without any coatings.  They also remain transmissive farther out into the infrared than silicon etalons, the germanium etalon will still provide a decent signal at a wavelength of 14um. The high temperature sensitivity of germanium is similar to silicon and can also be useful (or problematic).  These etalons are often used to monitor the wavelengths of tunable lasers (like lead salt or quantum cascade lasers) in the mid-infra red in applications such as Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy, TDLAS.   A portion of the output from a tunable laser is directed at the germanium etalon. As the laser is tuned, the transmission through the etalon is modulated with a spacing between transmission peaks equal to the etalon FSR.

  • Material: Germanium
  • Wavelength range: IR 2.5um to 14um
  • Wedge < 5.0 arc second*
  • Clear aperture: 80% diameter
  • Surface quality: 80/50 or better
  • Surface figure: λ/10
  • Diameter: 25.4
  • Finesse and FSR are dependent on the wavelength
  • * If your etalons require coatings then we can use our fluid jet polishing system to reduce the wedge and increase the finesse

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1.46GHz Solid Germanium Etalon

Part Number: OP-5483-25.4
Details: 25.4mm long, 1" diameter


0.98GHz Solid Germanium Etalon

Part Number: OP-5483-38
Details: 38mm long, 1" diameter


0.73GHz Solid Germanium Etalon

Part Number: OP-5483-50.8
Details: 50.8mm long, 1"diameter


0.53GHz Solid Germanium Etalon

Part Number: OP-5483-76.2
Details: 76.2mm long, 1"diameter


0.365GHz Solid Germanium Etalon

Part Number: OP-5483-101.6
Details: 101.6mm long, 1"diameter

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