You need more light!

Your spectrometer would work great if you had 100X the light.  Problem solved.  Introducing the UltraBright Spectrometers from LightMachinery.  No slit, just a giant aperture and a huge field of view.  Boom.  Spectrum.  Done

Don't have enough light for your measurement using a conventional spectrometer?  Contact LightMachinery to become a Beta User of our new UltraBright Spectrometer, launching in 2019.

UltraBright.JPG (1)

  • Preliminary Specifications

    • Resolution: sub 0.5nm at 532nm
    • Acquisition and processing speed: >10 Hz

    Part Number Spectral Region Wavelength Range Resolution
    UB-10559 UV (LIBS) 220nm - 340nm 0.3nm
    UB-10979 Visible 400nm - 590nm 0.3nm
    UB-10849 Visible 590nm - 750nm 0.5nm
  • Good resolution and REALLY  high light throughput

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