Thin Film Cloud User's Guide

Design Targets

Min λ (nm)
Max λ (nm)

Design Details

  • Optimise design
  • Send

Plot Parameters

Optimisation Details
  • Layer Count 4
  • Average Error 0.783
  • Tolerance Error 0.936
  • Iterations 0
  • Index, Low Layers   1.480
  • Index, High Layers   2.305
  • Index, Medium   1.000
  • Index, Substrate   1.461


  • Plot complete.
Y Axis
Silicon Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide
Fused Silica

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Thin Film Design Suggestions


Custom Substrate

Substrate Index Data File

File format, CSV file with three columns: Wavelength, Index and K value. No headings are required, just commas to indicate each column. No absorption data? No problem, just use zeros for the K value. (Note: K value not available at this time.)

The shortest and longest wavelength in the file determine the valid wavelength range of the new material, so at least two rows are required. The program will interpolate between wavelengths. Only one user defined index file is allowed in a session.

  1. Thin Film Designer

    Hello and welcome to the Thin Film Designer. We have added some new capabilities.

    Lets take a look at some of the amazing features of this tool.

  2. Design Details

    You can customize coating and substrate materials this section.

  3. User Defined Files

    You can even upload your own CSV file with wavelength dependent index details of your substrate.

    No column headers required, just wavelength, index, absorption. No absorption data! Just put a zero!

  4. Layer Design

    Here you can enter the starting design using standard thin film notation, .5H and .5L is one 1/2 layer of high index followed by 1/2 layer of low index.

    (.5H .5L)10 would be 10 pairs of these layers.

    After optimising or selecting a suggested model the new design will be shown here.

  5. Plot

    You can plot your design using this button or by just typing 'Enter' on any text box.

  6. Optimise

    You can optimise your design using this button.

  7. Metals (Beta Feature)

    Selecting this option allows you to add metal layers such as aluminum, silver or gold to your design.

    Metal layers have a lot of absorption and need to be less than 10 nm thick for transmission. During optimisation the thickness of the metal layer can be frozen.
    This prevents Optimise from removing the metal layer.

  8. Etalon Simulations

    Selecting this option allows you to place substrate materials inside of the coating layers. This is useful for simulating an etalon design or adding a third material to the coating.

    (1H 1L)5 1H 100M (1H 1L)5 1H would be a simple etalon of material (M) surrounded by high reflecting coatings.

  9. Design Targets

    You can customize the wavelength range and reflectivity or transmission targets of your design using these options.

  10. Add More Targets

    You can add targets to your design and/or tweak each one individually.

    The suggest and optimisation algorithms will try to match all of them as close as possible.

  11. Search Designs

    Have our system to search for a model closer to your targets.

    The suggestion system is improving everyday, so remember to check it out often

  12. Graphs

    This chart is interactive, you can zoom in or out using the slider or just by drawing a rectangle in your area of interest.

    You can show or hide graphs just by clicking on the legend name.

  13. Plot Options

    These options allow you to customize the way that the chart is rendered.

  14. Units

    This option allows you to select the input and displayed thin film layer units.

  15. That is all!

    Have fun using the designer and don't hesitate to get in touch with us.