In order to serve our worldwide customer base with more personal attention and efficiency we have partnered with major distributors around the globe.

Australia au.png
(For all products)
Raymax Lasers

China (including Hong Kong) cn.png
(For Lasers and Optics)
Hisky Technology Ltd

(For Spectrometers and Optics)

Europe europeanunion.png

      Czech & Slovak Republics cz.png sk.png
      MIT s.r.o

      Crisel  Instruments

      Poland pl.png

      Nordic Region (exclusive) se.png no.png fi.png dk.png
      Azpect Photonics AB (part of AMS Technologies)

      The remainder of Western Europe(non-exclusive
      AMS Technologies

For other locations in Europe Contact Us directly 
or Call 1 613 749-4895

India in.png
(For new lasers and laser systems)   
Specialise Instruments Marketing Co

Israel israel-flag-icon-16.png
(For lasers, laser systems and optics)  
Manbar Technology Ltd.

Japan jp.png
(For lasers, laser systems and optics)   
Beams Inc.   www.beams-inc.j

(For spectrometers)
Tokyo Instruments

Korea kr.png
For all products 
Laser Spectronix.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam sg.png my.png th.png ph.png vn.png
(IPEX, PulseMaster and IMPACT lasers)  

Taiwan tw.png
(For new lasers and laser systems and optics)