PLD is the key to manufacturing non-traditional materials

The excimer laser can be used as a means of vaporizing target material inside a vacuum chamber and depositing it on a substrate. The pulsed laser deposition process has several advantages over conventional processes including; 
- A wide variety of targets can be used; metals, ceramics and oxides
- Independent control on the deposition temperature and the background pressure (O2, He2, N2...)
- The resulting thin film has the same stochiometry (ratio of elements) as the target
- Novel coatings such as diamond films can be produced

Why do Leaders in PLD choose LightMachinery Excimer Lasers?

  • exciPure™ technology for 10x better gas lifetimes and lowest cost of operation
  • Delivers 200 microradian pointing stability
  • No realignment required after cleaning or replacing optics
  • Fast, precise energy stabilization in internal, burst and external trigger modes
  • Excellent energy stability, better than 1.0% (KrF)
  • Simple integration into industrial processing systems
  • Microsoft® Surface Pro 4 remote control for the ultimate in simple operation, can be operated as a tablet or with the keyboard
  • Unmatched customer service that is friendly and responsive


LightMachinery excimer lasers are installed at key PLD research laboratories around the world

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