At LightMachinery, our suppliers play a key role in our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. Supplier performance is evaluated on an ongoing basis and we work proactively with suppliers to address potential issues.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to LightMachinery, you should begin by reviewing the performance expectations detailed on this page. 

LightMachinery Supplier Qualification
LightMachinery requires suppliers of critical components or materials to be qualified.  Generally speaking, these include suppliers of raw materials and production related consumables.  The qualification process begins when you submit your first quotation to LightMachinery.  The process typically takes several purchasing cycles (RFQ, Quote, PO, Delivery) to complete and your qualification is largely based on our experience through those transactions.  Qualified suppliers will meet the following basic requirements:

  • Will follow a documented quality system (ISO 9001)
  • Will communicate promptly with the LightMachinery purchasing group when required.
  • Will maintain a 95% or better on-time-delivery record to LightMachinery.
  • Will maintain high standards in order fulfillment, packaging, and order follow-up.  This includes properly following all instructions on purchase orders.

While qualification is not necessary for suppliers of non-critical components or materials, our purchasing group tracks the performance of all our suppliers with respect to the above-listed requirements.  Suppliers with higher qualification status are more likely to receive orders in competitive bids.

Supplier Status
Our supplier qualification process is straightforward.  All suppliers are initially assigned the status of "Trial".  All incoming material from 'Trial' suppliers is given 100% inspection. If inspection results are consistently good then the suppliers' status is raised to "Approved". Incoming inspection for "Approved" suppliers is greatly reduced.  In cases where suppliers have consistently poor performance, their supplier status is reduced to "Warning".  Doing business with suppliers in Warning status is generally something we try to avoid.   Only fully approved and qualified suppliers may participate in opportunities for space payload applications.

Doing Business with LightMachinery
If you would like to become a supplier, please contact the LightMachinery purchasing group by email at with information about your company and the products or services you provide.

LightMachinery Details

  •  Ship to address :
    80 Colonnade Rd. Unit 1
    Nepean, Ontario       Canada       K2E 7L2
  • Shipping Method: Please see individual purchase orders.
  • Customs Broker: Cole International
  • Tax ID numbers and shipping account numbers are listed on our purchase orders.
  • Our purchasing department may be contacted via email: