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Shipping our first red-shifted HN-9332-UHR spectrometer

By  •  about 1 years ago

LightMachinery recently shipped a new model from our line of etalon-based cross-dispersion spectrometers, the HN-9332-UHR-RS. This spectrometer delivers very high resolution and excellent wavelength accuracy over a wide wavelength range.  The spectrometer has a small form factor and does not requi…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By  •  about 3 years ago

Things are returning to normal.

Our ability to answer phone calls is not good at this time.  Email is the best way to reach us.  If you don't have an email on file for us, use the form on our website.

Our local government has largely relaxed COVID-19 related restrictions and we are again send…

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LightMachinery Launches Spectrometer Product Line

By  •  about 6 years ago

LightMachinery has completed deliveries of its first HyperFine spectrometers after launching the product line at Photonics West in 2017.  

With six models available, these first generation spectrometers cover a 400nm to 1600nm range.     The HyperFine series is ideal for pulsed laser characteri…

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