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LightMachinery Releases Third Generation of Online Optical Design Software

By  •  about 2 years ago

LightMachinery today released a powerful new set of optical design tools.  Available for free from the website, the tools include advanced modeling software for the design of etalons, virtually imaged phase arrays, and fizeau wedges.

LightMachinery's online design software is …

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LightMachinery Completes Expansion

By  •  about 2 years ago

LightMachinery Inc. has completed a 50% expansion in R&D and manufacturing space in its facility in Ottawa. The new space includes a new thin film coating laboratory, two laser R&D labs as well as more office space and a warehouse facility. Also in the new space is a state of the art laser…

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LightMachinery Awarded Beam Splitter Patent

By  •  about 4 years ago

The surprise and confusion caused by the simplicity and novelty of the universal beam splitter is well known to the staff at LightMachinery based on our interaction with customers on the phone and at trade shows. A simple thin etalon with a relatively low finesse has a reflection and transmission …

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