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By  •  about 11 years ago

LightMachinery's fluid jet polishing system uses a fine stream of slurry to accurately remove nanometers of material.¬†Advanced software enables the correction of wavefront errors to achieve surfaces that are within a few nanometers of perfect. The wide variety of materials that can be processed usi…

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NEWS, Feb 23, 2006 - LightMachinery Inc. Completes Facility Expansion

By  •  about 13 years ago

LightMachinery Inc. has now completed the expansion of grinding and polishing facilities in building M-50 on the National Research Council of Canada's Campus.¬†Included in the expansion are; a state of the art polishing room, a new IR coating room and a clean inventory area. Gregg Senechal, Business…

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LightMachinery Inc. Receives Award

By  •  about 14 years ago

LightMachinery today received a Superior Performance Award "In Recognition of Outstanding Performance in Support of the HMI Project for the Solar Dynamics Observatory". The award was presented to LightMachinery by Rock Bush of Stanford University and Alan Title and Frank Friedlaender of Lockheed Ma…

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