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LightMachinery Launches Spectrometer Product Line

By  •  about 2 years ago

LightMachinery has completed deliveries of its first HyperFine spectrometers after launching the product line at Photonics West in 2017.  

With six models available, these first generation spectrometers cover a 400nm to 1600nm range.     The HyperFine series is ideal for pulsed laser characteri…

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LightMachinery Acquires Facility

By  •  about 2 years ago

LightMachinery has completed the acquisition of a 50,000 square foot facility in Nepean Ontario.    The company already occupies 18,000 square feet in the building and will expand its footprint by 50% in the fall of 2017.  

The expansion will see increased space for thin film coating, additional…

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LightMachinery Releases Third Generation of Online Optical Design Software

By  •  about 5 years ago

LightMachinery today released a powerful new set of optical design tools.  Available for free from the lightmachinery.com website, the tools include advanced modeling software for the design of etalons, virtually imaged phase arrays, and fizeau wedges.

LightMachinery's online design software is …

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