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LightMachinery Awarded Beam Splitter Patent

By  •  about 9 years ago

The surprise and confusion caused by the simplicity and novelty of the universal beam splitter is well known to the staff at LightMachinery based on our interaction with customers on the phone and at trade shows. A simple thin etalon with a relatively low finesse has a reflection and transmission …

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LightMachinery Awarded Fluid Jet Polishing Patent

By  •  about 13 years ago

LightMachinery Inc.has been awarded a patent on several key fluid jet process techniques that have enabled the company to polish materials to new levels of accuracy. US Patent 7455573 describes the novel constant pressure pump developed by the LightMachinery engineering team as well as several of t…

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LightMachinery Acquires Excimer Laser Product Line

By  •  about 14 years ago

LightMachinery Inc. is pleased to announce that it has concluded an agreement with GSI Group to purchase the Lumonics® brand excimer laser product lines. The acquisition of the excimer products follows LightMachinery’s recent acquisition of the TEA CO2 infrared laser product lines from GSI Group.

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