New software is more powerful and mobile friendly

LightMachinery today released a powerful new set of optical design tools.  Available for free from the website, the tools include advanced modeling software for the design of etalons, virtually imaged phase arrays, and fizeau wedges.

LightMachinery's online design software is already extremely popular.  From a decibel to percentage calculator, to a complex optimizing multi-layer thin film coating designer, the software is used daily by students and engineers from all over world.

"We recognized early on that our website had to be more than an online brochure," said John Hunter, President of LightMachinery. "As a world leader in optical engineering, we see value in sharing the tools we've developed with the broader community.  Pushing the limits of optical design and fabrication is in our best interest as a company and of our industry as a whole."

The software was released as part of an overall rebuild of LightMachinery's online presence which features multiple platform support to accommodate a growing segment of users on Android and iOS devices.