At LightMachinery, we are deeply invested in the art and science of creating custom high-precision optics. Our journey in this field is marked by a commitment to understanding and defining the specific parameters essential to each optical component's functionality. Here, we delve into the nuances of our capabilities and the breadth of our expertise in custom optics.

Understanding Customer Needs

At LightMachinery, we excel in collaborating closely with our clients to understand and articulate the precise requirements of their optical components. This cooperative approach allows us to refine specifications and offer insightful feedback on pricing and delivery, ensuring that every project aligns perfectly with our clients' visions.

Versatility in Customization

Our range of custom optics is a testament to our versatility. From employing Fluid Jet Polishing (FJP) technology for crafting arbitrary shapes with exceptional precision, to specializing in aspheric cylindrical lenses for laser beam shaping, our expertise spans a wide array of complex optical challenges. Our work includes intricate projects like the MANIC interferometer for exoplanet detection and the SHIELDS interferometer, showcasing our ability to navigate the complexities of optical technology.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques like Fluid Jet Polishing (FJP), we fabricate optics that defy conventional limits of precision and design. Our proficiency in creating components like axicons, which are complex to produce using traditional polishing methods, highlights our innovative approach. This technology enables us to achieve precision in components with specific slopes and fringe patterns, underscoring our commitment to innovation.

Tailored Optical Solutions

Our diverse product range reflects our ability to meet highly specific optical needs. We create unique items such as optically contacted stepped phase masks, known as "the layer cake", and spacers for Michelson interferometers that require stringent etalon tolerances. Our capability extends to crafting custom-coated substrates and gold-coated prisms, demonstrating our versatility in providing tailored optical solutions.

Diverse Optical Components

Our repertoire encompasses a variety of optical components, including diced solid fused silica etalons, air-spaced etalon spacers, and prisms undergoing meticulous hand polishing. These components, crucial in various optical applications, highlight our comprehensive expertise in the realm of custom optics.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of optical quality, whether for sophisticated R&D prototypes or large-scale production. We maintain an unwavering standard of excellence in every project, reflecting our dedication to quality and innovation.

Our expertise in custom high-precision optics is rooted in diverse capabilities, advanced manufacturing techniques, and a deep understanding of our clients' specific requirements. Our dedication to innovation and quality positions us as a leader in the custom optical technology industry.