Optimized for demanding, precision applications

IMPACT series high power lasers for 24/7 materials processing and drilling of non-metallic materials. The LightMachinery Impact Series of pulsed lasers are optimized for precision processing and drilling of non-metallic materials.  Applications include wire-stripping and other precision machining of components for medical devices, drilling of controlled-release pharmaceutical capsules, drilling and processing flexible and high density printed circuit boards, paint stripping, surface cleaning, and many others. The material interaction of the short, high power pulses from TEA CO2 lasers is quite different from that of long pulse and continuous CO2 lasers. High definition processing with excellent edge quality can be obtained. Plastic materials can be selectively removed from a metal backing, leaving the metal layer untouched. For many applications, Impact lasers offer a lower cost alternative to excimer lasers.

  • The IMPACT 2000 series of lasers all incorporate high reliability SSM switch technology as well gas filtering systems to ensure very high uptimes and low maintenance even at continuous 75W power delivery 24/7.
  • The IMPACT 3000 series lasers are high-power (up to 300 Watts) short-pulse CO2 lasers for surface layer removal and cleaning, non-destructive testing, and photochemistry. Applications include polymer removal, mold cleaning, paint stripping, Lidar and laser isotope separation. The highest repetition rate model (3400) is intended primarily as a source for laser ultrasound testing.
  • The fully configurable  IMPACT 4000 series lasers are designed for more scientific and specialized applications. The short pulse of the thyratron switched IMPACT 4000 is ideal for ultrasound applications as well as applications in infrared chemistry. The IMPACT 4000 can be configured with a tunable option and set up in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier, MOPA, configuration with additional amplifiers to achieve the right power at the right wavelength for your application.
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