Fluid jet polished aspheric elements can be used to fully correct a variety of optical systems

Standard correctors

Standard correctors can be made based on the collimator or imaging lens designs.  These types of correctors can eliminate 90% of the optical errors that are preventing these optics from achieving diffraction limited performance (design correction)

Custom correctors

Correctors can be polished based on wavefront measurements of collimators or imaging lens or afocal telescopes or measurements of the accumulated errors of entire optical systems and reduce all the accumulated errors to get as close to the diffraction limit as possible.  design, prescription, alignment, assembly tolerances.    Measure your system performance, send dat file, let us see what we can do with a fluid jet polished corrector

Corrector Process.png

Example 1. - A high performance fiber coupled NIR collimator, focal length 60mm 

Collimator wavefront.png
Wavefront distortion is clearly present to a significant level, 100nm!

Collimator wavefront with aspheric corrector.png

Now fully corrected by design with a fluid jet polished aspheric corrector, wavefront errors < 4nm

Example 2. - A Triplet

Triplet performance.png
A nice triplet , fully corrected  to about +/- 5 degrees (if the elements and the assembly are perfect)

Triplet as built with typical high precision tolerances.png
Actual performance with typical high precision manufacturing and assembly

Triplet as built with fluid jet polished aspheric corrector.png
Now fully corrected with a real world performance that is close to diffraction limited over  a +/- 10  degree field of view

Example 3. - A well designed 300mm doublet imaging a +/- 4 degree field of view 

Doublet Rays.png
Doublet performance.png
The line represents the diffraction limit and we can see that it is fully corrected to about 1.2 degrees

Doublet with standard corrector Rays.png
Doublet with corrector performance.png
Adding a conventional corrector improves the  performance but it still not diffraction limited beyond  about 1.2 degrees

Doublet with fluid jet polished diffraction corrector limited spots.png
Doublet with diffraction limited corrector performance.png
Adding a fluid jet polished aspheric corrector fully corrects the image  with  over the full field and beyond.  The performance is now diffraction limited over the full field


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