Massive Depth of Field Enhancement for Microscopes

These phase masks with large step height variation resemble layer cakes, they are optically contacted together to create a phase mask with a variety of path lengths for light in a microscope, creating greatly enhanced depth of field. 

See these articles for more details;

A new approach to extended focus for high-speed, high-resolution biological microscopy - Sara Abrahamsson

Extended depth of focus multiphoton microscopy via incoherent pulse splitting - Bingying Chen, Tonmoy Chakraborty, Stephan Daetwyler, James D. Manton, Kevin Dean, and Reto Fiolka


1" diameter, 5 layers, 1.33mm each

Part Number: OP-12301
Details: 3D Cake Phase Mask, 7980 0A grade fused silica 5.275/7.3/8.75/9.875/10.8 mm, 1.33mm layers mounted on a 1" diameter x 5mm thick FS support, all centering best effort, AR coated on flat side

Custom Layer Cakes

Part Number: OP-xxxx
Details: Custom phase masks can be created, please keep in mind that the price for custom layer cakes will be ~4X the price for a standard item.   Let us know what you need.