LightMachinery has created a set of free cloud based optical design tools that range from simple calculators to sophisticated design software. Enjoy!

Optical Design Tools

  • Etalon Designer -One of our most popular and useful design tools, provides a close approximation to the performance you can expect from our Fabry Perot Etalon
  • Etalon Tuning -How fast will my etalon peaks move with temperature? Also a useful chart view of material parameters.
  • Multi-Etalon Designer
  • Index & Reflection -A summary of material properties, index and Fresnel reflection at various angles
  • Gaussian Beam Propagation -Gaussian beam propagation through lens systems, this is a very useful and versatile tool for designing laser beam delivery systems
  • Lens Design Cloud
  • Thin Film Cloud -This thin film coating design software is becoming very powerful with very fast optimization. Keep checking back for further enhancements
  • More Optical Design Tools
  • Library -We have collected information from our own staff of experts and also bookmarked information on the web that is reliable and we can use on a daily basis.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements

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Optics Catalog

Most of the optics we make are custom made but we still have an interesting catalog.  Check it out! 


Custom Optics

Learn more about our custom optics (and see some pictures of exotic creations)