LightMachinery is uniquely positioned to provide high quality laser optics. We are not only optics manufacturers, we are also laser manufacturers

Design, Manufacture, Road Test

LightMachinery designs and manufacturers high quality optics for CO2, excimer and solid state lasers and laser-based systems. We are not only optics manufacturers - we are also laser manufacturers with our own applications and testing laboratory.  We are not only optics users and manufacturers... we have also released the most powerful lens design software available on the web for free.  

Explore Lens Design Cloud

Our revolutionary, free,  lens design software, Lens Design Cloud, allows even novice users to design complex lenses and lens systems.  The cloud based system uses Big Data technology to store thousands of catalog designs and optimize their performance for your requirements.  It is truly a great example of a human / machine learning system.  If you are interested at all in lens design then you are going to be fascinated by this tool (we are!).  

Try the Lens Design Cloud, it's awesome and fun with fast optimization of spherical and aspheric surfaces and thousands of catalog designs available to plug into your system model, Enjoy!.

Materials and Coatings

LightMachinery has extensive expertise in the manufacturing and testing of Zinc Selenide and Germanium optics for CO2 lasers, Magnesium Fluoride and Calcium Fluoride optics for excimer lasers and Fused Silica and BK7 optics for solid state lasers. In addition, we have a thorough understanding of the importance of high damage threshold coatings for our laser customers.  We know what it takes to make components that can withstand the pounding that high power laser optics undergo, 24/7.  

Check out our Catalog and our Calculators!
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Optics Catalog

Most of the optics we make are custom made but we still have an interesting catalog.  Check it out! 


Optical Design Center

Design etalons, lenses, resonators, VIPA's and explore optical material properties.