Lasers enable highly productive, accurate process steps, we can do that for you

Many of the folks at LightMachinery have over 30 years of experience in industrial laser processing, designing laser processes, developing standards for processing and inspecting components.  Obviously we have deep expertise in excimer and TEA CO2 lasers but our range of experience and in-house capability also includes YAG and CW CO2 lasers.  Excimer and CO2 lasers are ideal for the drilling, marking, micromachining, stripping, vaporizing and removal of of polymers and other dielectric materials.  The short pulse lengths and very high peak powers of these lasers creates very precise cuts and ablations with low debris and very small heat affected zones. 


If you are wondering about the feasibility of your requirement then just  contact us and tell us about your challenge, we are happy to provide feedback and suggestions or if it makes sense to use our technology then you can send us a sample for some processing tests.