LightMachinery Acquires the Impact® and LaserMark® Product Lines from GSI Group

LightMachinery Inc. is pleased to announce that it has concluded an agreement with GSI Group to purchase the Impact and LaserMark product lines.

Impact and LaserMark product lines are both based on TEA short-pulse CO2 laser technology, originally developed by Lumonics Inc, Ottawa, Canada. Impact Series lasers are primarily used for fine-processing of non-metallic / polymer materials. LaserMark Series lasers are a well-established solution for fast, on-the-fly marking of pharmaceutical and electronic products, consumer packaging.

John Hunter, President of LightMachinery, stated “We are pleased to have concluded this agreement so that we can develop new applications and continue to offer these products and related support to customers around the world.”

LightMachinery was established in Ottawa, Canada in 2002 by former members of GSI Lumonics. The company manufactures lasers, precision optics, and fluid jet polishing equipment.