The internet is full of information but finding good solid information can be very difficult. We have collected information from our own staff of experts and also bookmarked information on the web that is reliable and we can use on a daily basis. Please let us know if you have any suggestions and enjoy our library.

Archived Calculators

Automation, Electronics and Mechanical Parts Catalogs, Data Sheets

Interferometers and Etalons

Historic Optical Papers

Optics Catalogs - order the catalogs!

Optical Materials - Data Sheets

Optical Material Manufacturers - Links to their websites

  • Corning - Information on the Corning products from polarcor to ULE
  • Dynasil - Information on Dynasil
  • Ohara - Information on the Ohara glasses including NEX, negative thermal expansion glass
  • Heraeus - Information on the Heraeus Amersil glasses including Herasil and Homosil
  • Norland - Cement
  • Schott Glass,- Information on Schott glasses from Erbium to Zerodur


  • Optical Society of America - OSA
  • SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
  • - on-line photonics resource from Opto & Laser Europe
  • The ITU - International Telecommunication Union
  • The ICO -International Commission for Optics
  • The USAC-ICO -United States Advisory Committee for the International Commission for Optics
  • The OIDA - Optoelectronics Industry Development Association
  • APOMA - The American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association 
  • EOSAM - European Optical Society
  • ISO - International Standards Organization

Photonics News

Space and telescopes

VIPA Etalons

Optical Design Tool Users Guides

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