You need more light!

Your spectrometer would work great if you had 100X the light.  Problem solved.  Introducing the UltraBright Spectrometers from LightMachinery.  No slit, just a giant aperture and a huge field of view.  Boom.  Spectrum.  Done

These spectrometers are ideal when you are looking at an extended or distant source (not a 10 micron spot).  Now you can collect a lot of light and not worry about trying to convince it to pass through a tiny slit.  We have listed here a few of the wavelength range and resolution models but many variations with more or less range and resolution are simple for us to make so let us know what you need, we are happy to help. 

Don't have enough light for your measurement using a conventional spectrometer?  Contact LightMachinery to become a Beta User of our new UltraBright Spectrometer, launching in 2019.


  • Preliminary Specifications

    • Resolution: sub 0.5nm at 532nm
    • Acquisition and processing speed: >10 Hz

    Part Number Spectral Region Wavelength Range Resolution
    UB-10559 UV (LIBS) 220nm - 340nm 0.3nm
    UB-10979 Visible 400nm - 590nm 0.3nm
    UB-11063 Visible 532nm - 600nm 0.1nm
    UB-10849 Visible 590nm - 750nm 0.5nm
    UB-11004 Visible/IR 750nm - 1000nm 0.5nm
    UB-xxxxx UV-Visible-IR Custom - let us know what you need
    x.x nm
  • Good resolution and REALLY  high light throughput

  • Our new SpectraLoK software is designed to be a reliable, feature packed interface for setting up your LightMachinery spectrometer, viewing spectra and organizing your data.  You can download and try it (it is a .exe file so your anti-virus software might require some reassurance)

    Click here to download the SpectraLoK Software , this includes  a short cut to the experimental virtual camera to allow the partial use of the software without a spectrometer.

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