The HyperFine series of spectrometers are based on LightMachinery's patented VIPA technology.  Designed for measuring hyperfine spectra and subtle spectral shifts, the HyperFine spectrometer from LightMachinery is a compact, low cost spectrometer capable of sub-picometer resolution.  It is ideal for pulsed laser characterization and for measuring the small spectral shifts from Brillouin or Raman scattering.  Simple PC based software allows the user to review spectra in real time and save or export for more analysis.  LabView drivers enable the HyperFine spectrometer to be integrated into automated experimental setups.
HyperFine Spectrometer photo medium.jpg

  • Simple to use
  • Sub picometer resolution
  • Fiber optic input
  • Quick data acquisition and export
  • Simple USB interface
  • LabView Drivers
  • No moving parts (single shot laser spectrum analysis)

How Does it Work?

Dual Mode HyperFine Spectrometer picometer resolution.jpg

Light enters the HyperFine Spectrometer though a fiber or directly imaged onto the slit.  A VIPA etalon, manufactured using LightMachinery's proprietary fluid jet polishing technology,  is used to produce very high dispersion in the vertical axis with sub picometer resolution.  This is followed by a conventional grating to disperse overlapping orders in the horizontal direction and produce a 2D spectrum of the input light.  LightMachinery software unwraps the spectrum to produce an ultra high resolution wavelength spectrum of the input light.  A secondary camera provides a wide wavelength range, lower resolution view of the spectrum. 


  • Fast
  • Compact
  • Low cost
  • Can resolve hyper fine spectra below 1 picometer
  • Ultra-reliable
  • LightMachinery's legendary customer support


  • Light sources characterization
    • Lasers of all types
    • Single shot pulsed laser spectrum 
    • Super luminescent diodes
    • Gas discharge lamps, etc
  • Spectroscopy
    • Plasma spectroscopy
    • High-precision gas spectroscopy
    • Brillouin or Raman spectroscopy
    • Femtosecond comb fingerprinting spectroscopy
    • Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography, etc
  • Passive components characterization
    • Notch filters
    • Etalons
    • Fiber Bragg gratings, etc


  • Resolution: sub 1pm at 532nm (resolving power > 500,000)
  • Accuracy: < 2pm following calibration
  • Dynamic Range: >10^6 for the system, 256 in a single measurement
  • Wavelength range 1: 10nm range with sub picometer resolution, user adjustable over 100nm
  • Wavelength range 2: 100nm range with sub nanometer resolution, factory adjustable from 400nm to 700nm
  • Simultaneous range / resolution: >10,000 at 532nm
  • Acquisition speed: >2Hz typical
  • Calibration: a narrow band (<10pm) external reference source is required

Download the HyperFine Spectrometer Datasheet